Sunday, January 27, 2013

That perfect mind

There is a perfect mindset that makes magick happen. Eventually; the more you practice, the more you come to recognize the state of your mind at what it can manifest for you. I have reached a point where I can recognize when I need a mental shift. I recognize when I need to do a circle, perform a rite, draw the cards....and only act when the need arises.

More importantly, I recognize that mental state where all I have to do is will the event/thing. And yes it happens.
Paying attention to your mind inside and outside the Circle is important. Note the feelings, note the shifts in perception. Note when you are to much into yourself and need to shift outward. Note when you need to change routines, mental routines, physical routines....

And when you are absolutely mentally still.....will the event, and laugh in gratitude that the Universe should make it so easy....that whatever you dream can be manifest.
Blessed Blessed BE

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