Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shall I open the door?

Before me lies a door full of magick and wonder. Just looking on the outside thrills my soul, as if my dharma is to cross its threshold.
That door is so beautiful on the outside, that it pulls my attention and draws me nearer. I can feel when it calls, and as I stand before it, it seems to sense me- and it opens a tiny bit, inviting me in.
We seem to be in sync, me and that door.

My dilemma, being experienced in these sort of "Threshold Crossing Spells" the ones of the Change Your Life variety- is that I know the pain of change. And having gone through a major change I wish to rest emotionally for a while, and just sail through the stuff of life while my heart heals.

My dilemma, is to resist the urge to actually do a "Problem Solving Spell" to assist in making up my mind one way or the other. I have always pushed for and immediate decision, and have never just gone with the flow. I know the effort needed in pushing, but I know not the patience of waiting.

My wish, is to close the door, and hope that I could continue to admire the door from afar, see all the things around it and the door itself become more and more beautiful. See growth around it, see flowers bloom at its step. And then......when I am free to enter and ready to embrace the entirety behind that door, I will step in with a smile on my face and joy in my heart, knowing I am ready for that journey.
Blessed Be.

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