Monday, July 9, 2012

Can we adopt multiple personalities?

by Ashleigh Burns-Thompson
Do we adopt multiple personalities over the course of a life time?

I am asking this because I find that I no longer connect with the "personality" that wrote this blog.
I read the posts sometimes and feel separate and apart from this person.
Is this person me? Or....did I adopt this persona, as a coping mechanism?
Perhaps now that I no longer need the coping mechanism. I no longer identify with the persona?

Now don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed learning, exploring and creating magick. It added a spark to my life. Yet, I am no longer interested. Been there done that sort of thing. I even feel like clearing out the books, donating them or giving them away....and adopting a new passion to explore.

The guilt being that I invested so much time and money in them. Would I want to turn to them again? Would I wish to feel the weight of a Magick novel, reference book in my hand? Do I keep them for my daughter?

Is this a phase we all go through? Or is it one that I go through???

Are we really a spirit just putting on a body suit and moving through life?

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zularthur said...

You make me smile. Is that power I sense in you? Deep down and unstated, but jealous of implements it no longer needs?

No cause for guilt, you'll always create magick. It's who you are, even when rituals and ceremonies fade away.

And the books and tools of the craft? They made you happy once didn't they? I'd look on them with a smile just for that.

I missed you so, don't think of going. The greatest things of power will always be considered magick in this world. This will always be a place where you can share your spirit's joys, or your challenging shadows.

Just yesterday I was thinking that there are not a lot of places I can share everything. Sure I can talk about x-flares and dimensional shifts, aura programming and chakra functions... But can I mention astral dragons? Debate love of all spirits of the earth and seas? Speak of charms and spells unbreakable?

Well, whatever new passion you care to bewitch, please let us know so we can share in the magick:)