Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Why can't I make Earth
 Out of Air?
Is it 'cus the fire and
water which is needed
isn't there?
Am I all Air,
Full of fear with no
Ether to compare?
Perhaps I need grails,
Or Stones,
Or gold
with my air......
Where is the formula?
Where is it clear
For one to make Earth,
Out of Air?


zularthur said...

Some of older traditions
May take literal your questions,
They say from nothing’s deepest void
Was called all things by spirit’s word;
Air, earth, fire, water,
Ether, astral, chaos, order;
Down from spirit’s uttered thought,
Dense dimensions here were brought.

Male and female, yin and yang,
Balance caused the stars to hang.
Balance never strayed too far,
Hard to see though where you are:
Planets, moons, kisses, dunes,
The ups and downs of nursery tunes;
All with tender balance kept,
Like ease of sorrow when once you’ve slept.

Tides and seasons, friends and reasons,
Some support some do their treasons.
Meaning comes in counterparts,
Joy valued by broken hearts.
When you find your balance dear,
Your ether wherewith to compare,
Then you’ll find that all is fair,
The earth does need your wondrous air.

Celtic Crystal said...

Touche! Nice to meet such a mind!!!!

Nazireh Reis said...

Very nice zularthur