Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Do you really know who I am?
You read my blog, you post on my page.
But do you know me?

Do you know the hurt I feel daily?
Are you there to carry my burdens.
Are you a friend, or was I choosen because of a cool name?
Are you hoping that being acquainted with me validates your place in the world?

Are you there when my pain is great?
Do you know I am homeless?
Do you know, that each day I live with the possibility of not eating tomorrow?
Do you know that each day I live with the pain of not seeing tomorrow,
Of losing my kids,
Of losing my mind?

Do you really know?............................


zularthur said...
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zularthur said...

I know you not,
Know not your pain;
My comments to you might seem quite vain.
My life compared might seem a breeze,
A stranger afloat on clouds of ease.
But since I've read, four hours now,
Your latest post one week ago,
My burden for you have been doubled,
My caring heart has been left troubled.

Not a friend, a passerby
Who saw your woe and breathed a sigh;
Immersed in my own world of cares
Still I could see the sign of tears
That etched your words in silent places,
Painting sadness with their traces.

I can't calm that heart of yours,
Can't prepare you for your hours.
Each one's load is theirs to own,
But you need not walk alone.
Friends there are, more than you see,
Hidden, helping, quietly.

You know me not,
Know not my pain,
But for your sake it must so remain.
I'll bear my load and help yours too,
Doing whatever that I can do.
But call me not friend I'm just one soul
Among many who wish but to see you whole.

That is my wish for my life too you see.
But I can't go on selfishly.
I need no 'place in this world' in this life,
I'm simply trying my best to survive.
So post your blogs as you journey along,
And maybe we can help each other to be strong.

Celtic Crystal said...

Tee hee heee..... tickled a sparkly magical pink....with glitter of course.