Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hestia is a little known goddess of Greek Mythology. She happens to be my focus now. Daily invoking her energies, I hope to be able to fast forward the process of finding us a home.

Hestia is the behind the scenes person. She is balance and stability. She is the patron goddess of the home fires and the hearth, the one who keeps things comfortable for the family. She is the wise woman, the quiet knowledgeble support for all who reside under her roof. The perfect goddess for the home maker.
I hope, that focusing on Hestia, I will prepare to recieve our new home in the time that we need it. Really, this experience has made me realize how important it is to my kids to have their own space.

I created this little chant to use in my ritual:

For calm by day and rest by night
A home I seek from thee.
I ask oh Hestia
Lead us to a place of 
A home of our own
And peace of mind

for happy family
And it harm none, so mote it be.

My next task will be to paint my own version of Hestia, which I will keep to hang over the entrance to my apartment when I get it. Lets see how this goes before I post it in the Godopeadia.


Anonymous said...

A Scary but Inspiring Chronicle of Change

I wish for you power and happiness, which is to say, I wish that you may shine brighter and brighter. For like all things, power and happiness are already within you.

I’ve found three maxims in your writings on Uranus Magick which are especially profound though simple. (By the way, you were right to give no technical expounding of such magick; a most heart-touching exposition exists in the chronicle itself.)

The three maxims are:
One: Anyone can find the right answer for themselves, but no one can find the right answer for everyone.
Two: Keep only that which has meaning, that which touches your soul. All other things are unnecessary.
Three (scariest): Is the cost of the upheaval worth the profit of the change?

Are these yours? Can I credit you with them? For some reason they touch me.

I find your story inspiring on many levels. Viewed from the standpoint of powerlessness – and therefore fear – anyone, including myself, will be afraid of change. Anything that seems to be outside our power to control will frighten us. That’s why I admire the faith in the universe you must have had to entrust to Magick the role of working this transformation in your life.

I likewise have done a similar thing. So I understand. Have I seen the profits? Most assuredly, but like you I keep getting closer to the vantage of power, the standpoint from which all things will become clear. Quite properly, the universe must measure our approach to this point – lessons must be learned, misconceptions unlearned.

It would seem to me that your higher self has placed you on an accelerated path. There is usually a time-based purpose for all such decisions at that level. Your former life became intolerable for a reason.

I am also an admirer of time-based ministrations; how things that seem most random and accidental, even erroneous, fall in a purposeful queue with an unerring precision that’s awe-inspiring.

That I think is the story of us all. Things are falling into place. Circumstances multitudinous are bounding and rebounding, and a picture is emerging from the chaos of brush strokes. And your life and change is all a part of it.

Celtic Crystal said...

Dearest Anonymous,

Thank you for following my journey...and yes you may quote the three maxims because they are mine....realizations that come to me at 4:30 in the morning when I do my thinking. What you see here is but one aspect of an individual with many sides...some seemingly boring. But my ultimate goal is to wake everyday, and feel like everyday has been the best that I have lived. That every task I complete I do it with joy, that every interaction brings happiness. Changes must be made, and despite the naysayers, I will make them in the shortest time possible.

I think we all have the power to change things about our life. The question is, do we want to. Can we endure the mental overhaul that is needed? Congratulations on your journey of change as well, we learn ourselves best during this period. I live on a very small island...change is feared always. To do anything out of the box is frowned upon, almost like you are inviting danger when you decide to take a different road. But I refuse to just maintain the status quo... I wish to refine my life to one that I thoroughly enjoy....and I think we all should do the same.....
Each time I reach a juncture...I find something in Magick that will help my mind find a solution..... I wish you well on your journey....