Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yule Reflections- a winter period

Yule Father....by Dan MIller

I would love to direct your attention to a story I read in Witchvox that prompted this line of reflection. Click here to go to it : http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=ussc&c=holidays&id=14874
The story tells of a winter, and of singing for hope that the happy days will soon return. At least that is what I got out of it.
 For the last six month I have been experiencing a "winter" in my life. Yeah yeah yeah...I live in the tropics....we see no winter, and never see a cooler temperature than 25 degrees Celcius. The winter I refer to is a metaphorical one. Since doing the Uranus Magick, and being jettisioned so to speak from my career, and from my home. I have been living a winter where things were scarce...I had a lot of reorganizing my mind as to what is important to me and..... with all the fears and worry....I pulled through. The solstice is upon us....and already I see signs of my Earth waking up!
Yule Ornament on my tree. A rare find on my island...wish I could find more.
This Yule, I shall celebrate with a clearing ritual first. All things that are past...are past. I shall then create a ritual to sing out my hopes to the future. To focus my mind on the good things to come, to speak of gratitude for these trials I have been through, this winter of my life. I know that such periods test the character of the individual.
Again, I did the Magick that prompted this life change. I create Uranus Magick, these are the things I requested:

1) To be removed from the high level management job that took up all my time and energy.
2) To find a part time flexible job that would free up my time
3)To be able to work on and build my career in art so that that artistic life would be the source of my income.

All of this was the aim of being a better me... less stressed...less grumpy...more fulfilled, and more family time.........
My Magick is working....for this I am grateful....now on to my ritual.

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