Friday, December 2, 2011

Playing "The Fool" a little too long

So ....for my work with Uranus Magick-attempting real change in my life, I had been focusing on The Fool Tarot Card to help change the old patterns of my vibrations to one of new possibility. Having ousted myself from my old life, and still waiting patiently for this one to "settle" down so to speak, I find that I have many opportunities being thrown on my path. My problem is that I am still in the mind set of wanting to experience "newness" or the "state of all possibilities" which is given by the Fool card meditation. I was contemplating this the other day when it hit me that for the last three months I have been in a state of suspension, and feel rather like a runner poised on the starting block waiting for the pistol to fire.......can you imagine the state of mind of the individual waiting for that starting sound, for hours, for days, for months? What would the person do....hang around waiting? Relax and walk away from the block.... do you stay on the track or do you go for a walk about and see whats what?

Perhaps, I then thought, I should be focusing on a card that indicated success and accomplishment. Then I should be meditating on The World. However, before reaching The World, I may have to divert to meditations on the four Aces to master thought, passions, emotions, and material realities......

With this in Mind... I am now attempting to assimilate teachings from The Master Key System, in the hopes that my thoughts will pull focus into what I want for myself........just as soon as I decide what that is....... to the Master Key System:The Master Key System

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