Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perhaps I am silenced?

Many times I have begun a post with the intention of revealing the process by which Uranus Magick was done. After all, I have gotten results, and I only reveal spells/rituals that actually give me results. I feel like I am letting down my readers because I have not written about the method I used in the Uranus Magick- no I have only said that it has worked.
Every time I try to blog about it, I lose patience, get headaches, lose focus or get this stress buzz in my head which makes me unable to blog.

Perhaps the Gods and Goddess are asking me to "Be Silent"?
Perhaps it is for individual witches to find their own method? Perhaps the method that worked for me will not work for others which will lead to disappointment?

Anyone can find the right answer for themselves, but no one can find the right answer for everyone.

Further to my progress though, I have removed my thoughts from Uranus, and now begin to focus on Venus and Sun Magick...or a combination thereof....... for I have seen all the changes I want to have right now...time to settle down and make things bloom.

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