Monday, June 6, 2011

Creating my own god

In reading "The Power of Myth" as told by Bill Moyers in interviewing Joseph Campbell, I was struck by this particular quotation:
"A god is the personification of a motivating power or value system that functions in human life an in the universe- the powers of your own body and of nature. The myths are metaphorical of spiritual potentiality in the human being, and the same powers that animate our life animate the life of the world."

I began to wonder if the inability to attain my goal, is because of my disbelief that any god will support such a goal. 
I need then to break down the goal to its very essence, its underlying energy, and to "create" a god that supports my ideas and mimics the energies needed.
My myth needs to be reflective of the spiritual goal that i am trying to reach.
Creating my own own personification of myself as I wish to be......funnnnnn

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