Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uranus Magick - pt 3

So further to my Uranus Magick experiment, I thought I'd just update readers on how things have been progressing.
I have developed the courage to let all the negatives go. By that I mean, the willingness to let everything that I do not want in my life go. The idea is that once the unwanted is shed- it will make room for the wanted.
So - there went the job....and then that means the apartment. I slowly trim down all the burdens and the worries till I am left with the minimum of what I want. My kids, my car, my laptop etc etc...books and art supplies etc.
Then, in the cocoon of a friends home, who has willingly agreed to be my shelter in this process, I begin slowly to let in only what my heart speaks to. Only those things that truly give me purpose are allowed. Those bits of yourself and your actions that make you feel connected to a grander part of life.

It is a lofty ambition. But if it isn't done, I will continuously be on that treadmill of unhappiness that I have been existing in for the past eight - ten years.

Keep only that which has meaning, that which touches your soul. All other things are unnecessary.

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