Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uranus Magick Part two

There were so many different openings to this blog that I thought of. So many angles of life giving you lemons and past experiences that I had.
But lets start here......
Sometime back I did a mini spell, when Jupiter and Uranus were so close to each other that they looked like one star in the night sky. In my extremely indisciplined way that will make any conventional witch shocked at my behaviour, I called upon the energies of Jupiter and Uranus to inject some serious change into my life......remove the chains that bind me to this conventional eight to four life and give me the tools and freedom to earn a living off of my passion! My art, my brush and canvas other me!!!

So the Universe begins to set the stage....and I begin to throw tantrums.

Thats the thing about spell work......we want the change...and when the furniture starts shifting around and we have to make decisions to mental let go of the old mental furniture, we sometimes throw out our own fear based chain and want to hold on to a concept for all its worth!

Now lets do the rational.....if you want to let go of the 8-4, and have to let go of the 8-4 right??? So when the stage peices start moving around, the the department at the 8-4 is going through a restructure...why does my mind start panicking??

And I panicked for four whole days!!!!!

I heard the news, I felt the fear, I threw a mental tantrum! How unfair! I work so hard! How can they do this to me!

And after four days of Tantruming, I realised that I had unhealthily become to attached to being the 8-4 person. That the idea of it being removed from me brought on a sense of fear that was unreasonable.

"But you wanted wanted to be an artist! To take up your new role, we have to change the stage set!" - says the Universe.

Quietly, other movements are happening on another level that bring the artist side of me to the forefront of my existence. That persona, was no longer the sideline over the last few days, but became the front man because of opportunities which came forward for my creative side.

When a buyer called to tell me the reaction by some very important people toward my art........I felt like the clouds had cleared...the doors had opened wide.....

I laughed....a stink scandalous laugh of someone who just realized the joke was on them...and could appreciate the greatness of the joke!

I order to embrace the tools of the new me...... I had to let go of the old me.......and Magick- that mischievous Pan-like creature that she was, was giving me the easy gentle way to let go a bit at a time.......
and I was throwing tantrums!!!!

By this morning I was a calm sea.....waiting to embrace whatever ride I had to endure to make that transition of change........

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