Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uranus Magick- attempting real change

Uranus, the planet of change.

In all honesty, real change in any one's life is difficult to do for yourself. The other day I looked at some old journals, about five years back, and realized that my issues are still the same. Back then, as is now, I felt like other people were in control of my life and I was not following my dharma. Although I believe I am closer to where I want to be these days, I would still love to reach a particular point of success by next year.

The question also came up with some "over drinks" conversation. "What does it take to really drastically change your life?" This was in reference to our local lotto piling up to a 7 million jackpot....but the question stuck in my head. I decided to look into a few things using the Planetary Magick model.

No where could I get information as to sigils, magick squares or any such thing about Uranus. All the planetary Magick information I had stops at Saturn......bummer........guess I'll have to make up me own! :)

The following is what I could find:

Uranus aspects- change, associated with principles of genius, new ideas, discoveries and inventions. It moves the soul out of its rut and into what it needs to be. It is a catalyst for transformation of one's life. It is also associated with upheaval and destruction of old patterns set up by Saturn.

Rules Over - Aquarius (that quirky, change loving energy that is always on the fringe s of the new dawn!)

Element - Air

Magick Number - Some books said nine or four...but I followed my suspicions that it should go beyond 9 and sure enough, found a reference book that also lists 12 (Pythagoras will be pleased. He thought that 12 was Divine)
Symbol :

which has no real esoteric meaning as it was comprised of the H for Herchel (discoverer of the planet) wrapped around a globe....how magickally unexciting.

Going into my little meditation on these matters as I do I think that the following would be appropriate objects associated with Uranus:

Genie Bottles
Magick Lamps

Any object that can cause change, but is not affected by the change itself...a catalyst if you will.

Animals : Dragonflies and Butterflies (transformative)

So now that I have worked out this little bit of information, how do I go about creating a ritual to cause change in my life? Before I do any such magick I always look at the cons....can I deal with upheaval? More importantly, is the cost of the upheaval worth the profit of the change??? (economic types'll love that phrase)

I'll let you guys know what happens.......

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