Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elemental Orbits and spiritual evolution

I had been reading a book on the origins on Pagan and Christian creeds and symbols, and the information there ping-ed one of those Golden Threads in my mind which I had to pick up and begin to follow.
So we all know the earth travels in one orbit, and the zodiac comes into view in a particular order, as the Sun appears to be in that Zodiac.
However, the other eliptical orbit that is not so obvious, is that of our immediate solar system, which seems to travel in the opposite direction. This is evidenced by, every two thousand years or so, the Vernal Equinox is seen to happen in a new sign, the direction going the opposite way.

In the book "Pagan and Christian Creeds" By Edward Carpenter, he mentions the cult of the Bull, which was prominent at the time the Vernal Equinox rose in Taurus- then points out that two thousand odd years later the Vernal Equinox rose in the constellation of Aries. The religious symbols shifted from the slaying of the bull (Mithra Cults) to the Sacrificial Lamb (early Christian and Jewish cult as in the Old Testament).
Now isn't it interesting that as the Vernal Equinox rose in the constellation of Pisces, that we have the New Testament symbols being the fish (the feet another Pisces Symbol are also associated with Jesus Christ)
Of course there is a whole other direction which I can go to investigate evidence of a Gemini cult, to which there are stories of twin gods. Interestingly, the story of the Birth of Rome, speaks of Twin brothers Remus and Romulus who had a falling out (separation) and one of them goes on to be the Founder of Rome. Is this a story of the demise of a Gemini cult which led to a separation of two leaders, and in this division the Empire of Rome was founded? Worth looking into!!!!

However, what also caught my attention, is that our little Solar System is travelling through an Elemental Cycle, of Air, Earth, Fire, Water.
If we were to further investigate the qualities of this journey, we may find that the development of mankind, his evolution in mind and spirit; have had qualities linked to the very same journey that out solar system is going through.
There is the calculation that the ages shift every 2,150 years approx. This is called the Procession of the Equinoxes. The age of Aquarius (and all the others) is based on an Astrological fact, and not New aged thinking or religious superstition. At what point did we enter or are to enter the Age of Aquarius? There is much debate. But I am moving away from the point I want to make about elemental cycles in Man's development.

Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Air Earth Fire Water, and so we move on. If we are in the Age of Aquarius, elementaly our development would be centered around aspects with Air qualities.

An Aquarian does not readily express his feelings, and he appears to be detached from the world, or from reality itself.  He has a contemplative and reserved demeanor.

Detachment from the world? We have seen a rise in virtual worlds online, which the younger among us are growing quite comfortable with. There is much debate too, about the systems and organizational structure of the world.

An Aquarian is motivated by a quest for moral perfection.  His expression is serious and tranquil.He often pursues spiritual goals.

Such has been the case. We are seeing upheavals in world belief. People seem to be interested in living in harmony, and seeking a deeper meaning of existance. There seems to be a turning away from the current consumeristic behaviour.

Then there are the AIR qualities. 

Air, the element symbolizing interchange, mobility, and diffusion, is associated with Aquarius.  It is specifically represented by Aquarius' position within the zodiacal cycle.  Among the triplicity of air signs, the fixed air of Aquarius, embodying a tendency to perceive things intuitively instead of through logical deduction, with the result that its natives are confident about their opinions, is situated between the cardinal air of Libra, representing sentimental attachments, and the mutable air of Gemini, representing friendship.  In terms of attributes, Aquarians are intuitive, expressive, and extremely sentimental.

There have been debates worldwide about things which have not been previously challenged. Our entire way of life is currently under question. What we consume, how we interact with each other, the polarities of right and wrong, what we believe- they are all coming under question. The trend is to favour intellectual deduction over passionate emotionally driven conclusions. 

At the end of this Age there may be little about how we live, which resembles the nineteenth century culture. And perhaps we may enter into the Age of Capricorn, associated with the Earth, and will be marked by setting down New Roots (finding a new habitable planet...LOL okay going overboard there) and planting the foundations for the new age of Man.

But I am just traveling in my mind...... Blessed be.


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