Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spirits, Memes and energies- Dealing with negative influences

In the Christian revivalists’ faith, many speak about “Spirits” which are passed from person to person, just by constant associations with them. Evolutionary theorists call these phenomena “Behavioral Memes” which is observed when an idea passes from one individual or another, and is taken on as a “belief” system, which then affects the person’s reaction to certain situations.
I myself, after a few months of observing, realized that I had unconsciously adopted one such meme. There are two individuals working close to me who are constantly under the fear that they are being victimized. I caught myself the other day mentally brooding over the same idea, and started to observe this more carefully. It was indeed a meme, a spirit of…… choose which ever name you wish to call it. Added to that, was the tendency of the two of them to over dramatize every little event, as if it was deliberately put there to thwart them (I guess it’s the same thing as feeling victimized constantly).
Just noticing the phenomenon is enough to turn your mind around.
That we are able to adopt each other neurosis is a scary thing. For the opened mind, it is a scary thing.

Good thing I know about Psychic Shields.
BOS Entry 2008 - “Hold your hands out at your sides, with your palms facing the ground. Imagine all stress, strain and worry, and any other physical discomfort flowing from your body down into the ground. Imagine it all being transmuted to positive energy (it may glow a different happy colour like bright gold). Next, imagine the energy of the earth as a golden or citrine light. This light enters your feet and fills up your whole body. You feel the flow stop as it reaches the top of your head.
Then imagine a bubble of blue-white light surrounding you like an egg. It forms from the top of your head and arches all the way down into the ground under your feet. Now imagine zipping it up from the ground up. There is your Protective Sphere. All negative energies will now bounce off of it and not enter you. As you go about your day, you will see the negative energies coming. But they cannot touch you, as they bounce off your sphere!

Blessed Be.

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