Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Planetary Magick Poem- Pushing back Saturn

A few years ago on reading up about Planetary Magick, I penned this little poem. Although I remember the vibration of what I wanted to say....well the muse has left me...and I can no longer catch her Golden Thread......anyway...the poem:

Born I was with Saturn's Sight
And I too young to know this plight
Did wander round in restless night
His walls which kept me in.

I'd push until I could push no more
Rebelious and stifled
at Saturn's door
my mind will be trapped my emotions sore
My inner self just screaming

And Saturn taunted me
He teased me

Every where I turn to escape
Like some dreaded warden
he'd show me the bars which stopped
and blocked and limited my flight.

I'd befriended the aura of Venus fair
And so Saturn hated her there
He'd block and bar my lady fair
from showing me more minds

In my limited darkness I'd be in pain
bewildered and hopeless
and almost insane
the boundaries around me I pushed in vain.
And Venus would try to save me.

She'd send me gifts
and Saturn would block them.
Relationships and wealth were not to be mine.
He showed me their limits all of the time.

But Venus, being of quick mind
whispered a plan to me
We'd do a spell to push Saturn back
Enlist the help of Jupiter of expansive energies.

Jupiter! Thou expansive beast!
Neither light nor dark discerns.

And I got stuck here....ah well!

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