Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Herbal Cupboard Make-over

Yes...I know...I have a warped sense of humour. But a witches Herbal Cupboard needs to have eerie things of fantasy fauna and witchy lore....or else its...well...boring.

So I dreamed up a bunch of labels and a nice collection of bottles, all the same size.
 So ..."ahem".... I have managed to collect a bit of "Dried Fairy Wings" taken from the donations of a special family of Fairies who shed their wings once per year. (so I told my daughter) and I have also managed to collect and dry some Toad Skin, which was then chipped up for easier use.

They are actually dried hibiscus petals (wings) and dried orange peel (toad skin)...LOL.... but these labels are waaaayyyy more fun, and they freak the hell out of people. My son had a good laugh.  I have also managed to collect a stash of "Road killed Newt Eyeballs" all flattened nicely...(pumpkin seeds), but still have to make the label for those.

Here is a tea which is good for gas, and bloated tummies:


Two tablespoons of Toad Skin Chips (Full moon alchemists brand)
One table spoon grated ginger

Boil with three cups of water and sweeten with brown sugar. 
Drink for bloated tummies, or gassy stomachs. Makes a great morning tea to wake up digestion.


Kore said...

This is actually a pretty good idea for a business.
Taking something totally ordinary but giving it freshness and vibrance by using twisted but cool names. You should develop this more and see where it leads you.

Amit M. said...

Wow...Celtic, I love this Idea. Im gona use this post as inspiration for my herbs. This would definately make doing magic much more fun. :D