Friday, October 8, 2010


MERRY MEET to all who have joined my blog recently, and yes...I do poke around in your blogs! The more the merrier!!!
I must point out one person who had me ooohhing and aaahing. As a little girl I tried (not too successfully) to make dollhouses for myself (they were not many toy stores on the island) and many times I tried to make them spooky, much to the chagrin of my family (What is this child's obbsession with the dark and scarey????)
And here I find a host of individuals making miniature dollhouses in SPOOKY! Found these on Grimdeva's Blog (hello Grimdeva!!!!! *waves* :) )

Take a look at some of the furnishings I found on her blogs and sites.........

Miniature Potion Bottles for the little Witchy House
Miniature Egyptian Chairs
ooooohhh and best of alll....this one had me clapping with joy:

Miniature Goth Candle Stick
Makes me want to dust the cobwebs off the credit cards..........sigh bloody shipping to this island is always so iffy...or else I would have had a miniature Witches Mansion as the center piece for my Living day one day congo tay!

Check out her links:

And I promise I would get back to my Part two of the blog " Should we share spells"....soon..just needed a little witchy fun......sometimes my mind can get too serious.

Amazon has these which may help


DeadEyes. -_- said...

Oh my gosh, no WAY. She is amazing to have made her very own mini haunted house! Oh perhaps a sweet little wiccan house lol.

Sammi Diamond said...

That is the coolest..I want one