Monday, October 25, 2010

Trapped...can Planetary Magick help?

Every so often I feel exactly like this picture. There is a hazy image that I can see, that I want to see clearly, but I cannot, because I am trapped by current circumstances in life.
I go through the process of trying to obliterate (in my mind) some of the "walls" that hold me from where I want to be. Then I realize it is pointless, there isn't anything much I can change, and just ...well gather strength to keep keeping on. One of those moments came upon me this morning and I felt to run away from everything and everyone.
One thing about magick, is that is offers you the opportunity to analyze the situation....because in the process of deciding which spell is best to banish the feeling, you actually sort through the issues, and may realize....well...I don't need to do a spell...I just need to tweak here....and (ting ching ting!) presto...the feeling is dealt with.

At times like these I may resort to Planetary Magick, and ask that Saturn pushes back his boundaries a bit (you are choking me!!!!) but I need to know what the boundaries have to be pushed back on. Will give more about Planetary Magick in another blog.....

This is current career is not fulfilling, and I need to follow my dream........which brings me to my financial situation without my job ....which brings me to managing car and rent payments.....spiraling into a vortex of anxiety and worry. Honestly, I think I have too many responsibilities....thats the whole of it.

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