Monday, July 19, 2010

To cast or not to cast..or maybe how can I cast?????

My mind is still out on this one. I have been robbed.....they took my digital cameras and my cell phone. Now how can I cast a spell to force them to return them??
My mind is twisting and turning and weaving today. My intent for the spell is revenge....bad that much as I think about charming my items so that they will be returned...I realize that I may be interfearing with a beings free will....wish I could freak the living daylights out of the buggers. Wish I could send a message that would curl the hair on their eyebrows in fear.
But that will be harming a person......
How do you weave a spell, which does not seem vengeful, or does not interfere with the person's free will, on a robber who stole something from you?  "An it harm none" so doesn't apply........

I could do a spell for Justice...but Justice does as Justice will do....meaning that any unresolved injustices I have done will come back to be settled with me. Not that I can think of any deliberate injustice I have done on anyone......but then some actions which are noble can cause reactions which are not.

Sigh........ my mind wrestles with the ethics of this one......better to just let it go...and let the Goddess handle this in the manner she sees fit.
Will do some protection spells on the house for now.

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