Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back after a spell

I know I have seemed "missing in action over the past month, I do apologize. My laptop's harddrive had gone to the netherworlds and I had no real access on which to blog. Cannot imagine blogging at my day job. I can just see the looks on people's faces ..."My boss is a witch???" For sure no one will be objective or open minded in their dealings with me.
In the mean time my mind had turned to things of a more practical nature..I have been creating stitching witchery LOL ...okay sewing, and brushing up on those skills. Also my family has been taking a lot of my mental space. Single moms tend to have to think for more all.
The above pic is the cover of a magazine I found lately. Altantis Rising looks at alternative possibilities of explanations for our existence, history, science requires serious open-mindedness and makes a great read.
For the Trinis, yes I found it here. In Ellerslie Plaza's Drug Store in Maraval...just by chance. Its available online too. Google it.

The other series here is Wooden Books which I think I have mentioned before. You can buy the PDF of the book directly from them, or order the book at Amazon by clicking the link below.
I know for local witches finding research material is difficult, and expensive. I understand. 

......Hmmmm.....perhaps we should consider a book rental system...but I am hesitant to get any pages ripped out from my know how they are.
Anyway, I am back online, and the information would keep coming..........

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