Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is the Universe trying to tell me something???

So recent events have had me wondering if the Universe was trying very hard to send me a message. Firstly, I was hit by this nagging desire to head further than I usually do for some shopping this weekend. All week, mind you, thoughts about whether I needed windshield cover added to my insurance policy flooded my brain. Heading up the highway with my friend, there was a loud "PAX" from nowhere, and a bird shaped crack appeared on the windshield of my car.

The following day, friend and I were delayed from going shopping again by a flat tire. While fixing the tire, we discovered the culprit was a large galvanized nail stuck right into it. I didn't really give it a second thought.

Wednesday...watering my plants (which I do everyday) I noticed a nail...similar to the above in one of my planters. Odd....I water this everyday and never saw that before. Could one of the children put it there?

Today, while waiting for my friend's car to be washed, he suddenly pounces on the windscreen and announces the culprit who caused the crack was still on the windscreen....and it was the head of a large galvanized nail.

So is the universe trying to send me a message? According to Liber 777, nail is associated with hook, or connection, the thing which hold it together. The body part which it corresponds to is the ear, of which both of mine have been paining quite strangely. I had just put it down to stress.

I am opening the floor to suggestions as to any hidden meanings here. Maybe someone could open my eyes?

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