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Elemental Magick- part one

Lets attempt to understand Elemental Magick first, and the reason for its development. Elemental Magick proposes that firstly there are four main elements in existence, and sometimes a fifth; Spirit; is named. Where did this come from?
In his article on Elemental Magick, Michael Lewis states that “The earliest of Greek natural philosophers, Thales, in considering which was the most basic element in the cosmos, from which the cosmos was made, supposed that the cosmos was made of Water. Later, Heraclitus decided that the most basic element in the cosmos was Fire, and Anaxagoras named Air as the essential constituent of the cosmos. In the 6th Century BC, Empedocles first suggested that the cosmos was made of four constituent elements, which he named as Fire, Air, Water and Earth, in order from the most rare to the most dense. “
These four elements are air, fire, water and earth. Keep in mind the Magick Law “As Above, so below.” These elements exist in the astral in different forms, and when manifest into the more and more physical planes, become the physical qualities that we can feel with our senses.
Why use them. Understand the Law of Attraction. If what we want to achieve in a spell, has a particular vibrational quality, then surrounding our thoughts with the same qualities will attract the thing we wish to have. (I refer to “thing” but this can also mean experience, feeling, goals etc i.e., the result of your spell and ritual work) Each of the elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth has a vibrational quality. Spirit is a combination of all. Each element has various things associated with it, which vibrates at the same quality as the element, and creates a similar response in us; through our senses, when we interact with it.

Understanding the elements and their energies is important to know where to use them. You will need to sit and meditate on each quality, feel them, know them, turn them over in your mind’s eye. The physically play with them, feel the wind, observe a candle, play with water, dig in the earth…let all your senses be open to their physical properties. Smell them, taste them, touch them, listen to their sounds…then close your eyes and feel with your inner senses.
The element of AIR is the vibrational quality which is found in activities which are intellectual, communicative and expressive. It is found in new beginnings, the initial thoughts and compilation of an idea, the changing from one thing to another. It is also found in mind, all mental, intuitive and psychic work, knowledge, abstract learning, theory, rebirth, imagination, belief, wind, breath, poetry, and sound. Air’s essence is described as Hot and Moist; and has projective qualities (male polarity). For any activities or goals under any of these headings above, AIR magick is best worked. The details of AIR magick and its associations, and spells will be discussed in a subsequent blog.
The Element of FIRE is the part of the psyche that consists of all that is energetic, vitalizing and invigorating. Fire energies are transformative. Think of the action of fire, it destroys and cleans for new growth. It also is passion, spontaneity and dynamism. FIRE is said to be Purifying, destroying, energetic, sexual, and forceful. Its essence is Hot and Dry, and its qualities are also projective. Further Fire Magick would be discussed in a later blog.
Then we come to WATER. Water is cold and moist and has receptive qualities (feminine polarity). Water’s energy can be found in activities that are creative, receptive, fluidic, mysterious, hidden and of the subconscious nature. It is Flowing, cleansing, healing, soothing, and loving. Psychic abilities, emotions, nurturing activities all have water vibrational qualities.
Then we come to EARTH. Earth is the quality of everything which is manifest in the physical. It is grounding, stable, slow moving. It exists in activities of developing, productivity, growth. The body, growth, nature, sustenance, material gain, money, fertility, birth, death, gravity, silence, rocks, standing stones, crystals, jewels, metals, wealth, abundance, wisdom. Earth’s qualities are receptive, passive and of feminine polarity. Earth Magick would be used in rituals and spells which aim for any goal falling under these qualities.

In using Elemental Magick, the goal or aim of your spell must first be categorized under one of the above mentioned elements. Sometimes, your aim may have combinations of the elements in them. I would suggest that if you are a beginner, you simplify it to one element, before moving on to two or more in your magick. How? If you are doing a spell for inspiration, you could use either FIRE or AIR. I like to use AIR, because in my mind I associate thought (inspirational ideas) with AIR. I understand the passion (FIRE) which is found in receiving inspiration, but I believe the initial point comes from AIR. You may feel differently, and resonate with the passionate part of inspiration; in which case use FIRE magick by all means.

I think also, you should begin your own associations chart. You can list the qualities, draw their symbols, but before you write any of the association which you find (coming up in other blogs) you should meditate on each and ensure that they resonate with you. For example, incense is associated with AIR, but cinnamon incense has always brought to mind “Fire” qualities, and I use it in Fire magick occasionally. Always only use what you associate the item with. Always note your special associations. Your intuition takes precedence over anything that you have learnt. Note it, meditate on it and if your mind is convinced it is…then it is. You are creating a magickal process for you…not for anyone else.
In blog posts to follow, I will pull apart all the elements, giving associations for each of the five senses, and spells, rituals or simple activities that can be done to gather their energies around you. I have also listed other sites below for study.

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