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Elemental Magick- Fire Magick-Candle Magick

The Element of FIRE is the part of the psyche that consists of all that is energetic, vitalizing and invigorating. Fire energies are transformative. Think of the action of fire, it destroys and cleans for new growth. It also is passion, spontaneity and dynamism. FIRE is said to be Purifying, destroying, energetic, sexual, and forceful. Its essence is Hot and Dry, and its qualities are also projective.
One of the most effective forms of FIRE Magick is Candle Magick. Candle Magick works by the principles of colour associations, and one of the olde Magick Laws of “Like Attracts Like”. You choose a candle, the colour associated to your spell / prayer’s goal. You “charge” this candle with the energy of your intent with an oil and by rubbing it in a particular way, and marking the candle with runes, symbols etc. By rubbing the candle, the vibrations that are coming off of you, for your intent, are vibrating the candle’s molecules in the same way. Burning the candle causes these particles to be released into the air, seeking out other “like” particles and drawing them to you….the source.

The colour association is what the colour means to you. Colour associations are affected by cultural factors, the example of one being the use of white in the West for weddings but white being a colour of mourning in some Eastern countries.
The method for candle magick is as follows:
Choose the candle colour according to your goal. (See Colour Associations) If in doubt you can use a white candle as the universal colour. Next, choose an oil to consecrate the candle with. It can be an oil associated with the goal (would be best) although if these are not readily available, I use a base oil like olive oil or almond oil (check your local drug store). You would also need to know what runes and symbols are associated with your goals. I also like to burn some incense to help me focus while doing candle magick. Also, prepare two chants, one to dedicate the oil and candle to the deity of your choosing, and the other to state the intent of the burning.
Sit quietly with your candle, oil and matches. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Cleanse your space, clear your inner space (your mind) Lift the oil up cupping it in your hands and say a chant like:
This oil now charged with (Goddess/God’s) power
To Bless this spell I do this hour
Thank thee (Goddess/God) for lending me your power
To Bless this spell I do this hour.

Put the oil aside and take the candle. Mark the candle with the runes and symbols of your choice. You can also repeat the chant above, replacing the word “oil” with “candle.”
Next, quiet yourself again, and make sure that your mind is focused on your goal. Picture yourself living in your goal. You already have it, see yourself having it. Harness the emotions of having it. You must feel the gratitude, the elation as you visualize yourself with having your goal. When you have reached that emotional state, dip your fingers in the oil, hold the candle in your power hand, and rub the candle from bottom to the center, then from top to the center. It is a good Idea to mark your runes in the center to have a point of reference when oiling the candle.
While rubbing your candle chant your “Intent Chant.” This would be the chant you have made up to go with your spell. An example would be the following chant to find the answer to a problem:
I know the answer
The answer is near
My mind now opens
The answer I hear.
And it harm none, so mote it be.
Make sure you are still visualizing your goal. See the molecules in the candle being charged with the final outcome of your having your goal. See yourself having it. Put the candle down, light it. Keep visualizing your goal. Meditate on having it, and harnessing the emotions from having it for as long as possible. Look at the candle flame if you need a point of focus. The longer you can focus on the image, the better. However, you must know how long you can meditate for and stop before your mind loses the image.
When you find yourself being unable to hold the image, thank the Deity, and place the candle where it can burn right through. Leave it to do its work. Clean up your other items.

When working spells your mind MUST be tuned to the result of your goal. The Power within you is driven by your emotions of having it already. Meditation assists in keeping your mind on any focus for extended periods of time. If you find you cannot focus for longer than five minutes, then stop after the five minutes. Never allow your mind to wander off of the intent/goal for your spells. Five minutes of sharp focus is more powerful than one hour of mind wandering on and off the goal.

Also, I must bring up a caution for people who want to use magick on others. Remember that “Like attracts Like. “If you choose to attempt to control people, you may find yourself being controlled by people. We are all granted with Free Will, and this force within us is what guides us and drives us along the path. There are lessons we need to learn in this incarnation to push us into our next level of Spiritual Evolution. When we interfere with others, we not only prevent them from going along their normal path, we also prevent them from learning any lessons which assist them in growing spiritually. We cannot decide what is best for them. We…from our level down here…cannot have a sense of the bigger picture.
Work spells always with yourself as a point of focus. You can always change yourself, that is your Power.

There are many forms of Candle Magick, and many creative ways to use candles. These two books are only two of what is available.

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