Thursday, March 25, 2010

your reality is a reflection of yourself

So besides the Law that "Thoughts become Things" there is the other Law in Magick that says "your reality is a reflection of yourself." In other words, what you experience around you is a reflection of what you are giving.
In my position at work I interact with a lot of people, who struggle on a daily basis to get their tasks done because of what I saw as their inability to see the bigger picture.

Two days ago I realised that I was guilty of doing exactly what I detest, which is spreading negative energies about people. In attempting to deal with an issue caused by these coworkers that I supervise, I sometimes vent to other workers close by. It did occur to me that the ventees may also go and vent to others and the negative opinion about a person is being spread, beginning with me.

I made the decision to stop the venting. I also began realizing that the lack of experience was not their fault. They cannot be blamed for the level of guidance they recieved in the matter. However, I can certainly be blamed for recognizing the issue at hand, and failing to correct it at the root, and guide them in the right direction.

I changed my outlook that day. Each person has a talent in their own right. Each person has an asset which makes them valuable to the company. I can focus on that asset and build on the positive...making their strengths stronger, and also, by focus, giving them the skills they need to maximize that talent they have.
I need to acknowledge their weaknesses and find a way to work around them, still getting them to accomplish their task.

My new mantra is " each person is a creative and talented individual. And it is my duty to find those talents and help them to blossom. By steering them down the path of their talents, I believe I would have a happier team.

In this way, I would emmitt less frustration, and thus receive less frustration from my coworkers. The cycle would then be stopped, by my shift in outlook.

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