Saturday, March 20, 2010

When Life Gives you Lemons

So every so often LIFE will throw something at you which causes you to stop and ponder. If you are a "crazy-maker" this would seem like a big deal and you would be like "how the hell can this happen to me? Why is this always happening to me?"

If you are the one to internalize it, it will grow on your mind like the biggest Pumpkin in the Universe and block your view of reality. Or it will warp you vision and twist everything associated with that issue.

Breathe.....your first step is recognizing that you are allowing the issue to control you. Magickally, you are in control, or should be. Nothing is to great for your mind to handle. Do not allow it to take over your mind and allow your emotions to spiral out of control. GRAB A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!!

Look up.... no matter how bad the situation get outside and find a piece of sky to look at. Just the act of looking upward releases emotions which would assist in clearing your mind.

Repeat your core goals which direct your life. As a Magician/Magick worker, you should have a few goals you are working on for self-improvement/success, and repeating them helps get back to the center of your focus, and off of the annoying/mind-crushing problem.

When the issue no longer feels like its in charge, imagine it like a flat coin. The issue is on the "heads" side. Imagine walking around the coin and seeing the "tails" side. Tail Sight is where the wisdom is...what can I learn from this lesson. This issue is a gift, meant to strengthen, to teach, to push me to learn. What can I learn from this gift.

If this is a difficulty, leave the issue alone, and continue to repeat your core Magickal goals every time it feels like its taking over. Talk to no more than three people about it. Understand that three is offloading, but more than that is obsessing...and adding fuels to its energy.

Continue to repeat your core Magickal goals to yourself. If that doesn't help, draw the issue as a "beastie" on a peice of paper. Colour the bugger, make it as ugly as you want with a big mouth, horns and warts. The beastie should only be an issue, not a free-willed being (no people please, they are not the issue. Your reaction to the situation is the problem, not the person) Draw that beastie locked in a box, or a cell, and burn the bugger with a nice little cleansing chant you have created for yourself. It always helps to be childish and playfull in times of stress!

Every issue that comes up is one step on the path to your Magickal Success. Experience is the best teacher, the the Universe will send things for you to experience and strengthen your mind. If you wish to learn to be more compassionate, experiences will be sent which require the bad news about friends and family all around who are undergoing problems and seek you out for advice or help is your work-book for compassion.

Look for ways to make lemonade with your lemons, life suddenly becomes sweeter, and tastier too!!!

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