Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spiritual Explorations of a Different Kind

Perhaps it escapes most people. But spiritual ideas come in waves, the energies usually being picked up first by creative individuals. Each trend is actually an indication of spiritual themes being explored by the human race in their own way.

Lets take for example; the use of Angel Wings in Tattoos, and graphics for clothes etc. Even the swirls and scrolls used in graphics are an abstraction of Angel Wings. Note the prevalence of symmetry in t shirt designs symbolising balance. These wings indicate the need for transcendence of self. And indeed, look at the emphasis that has been placed on self improvement in all aspects of the Human Experience. Higher education, better health, the greater need for spiritual connections...the emphasis is on a different quality of life, one than is better than the present, regardless of which point the human soul is at. The Angel wings are a symbol of the human races' obsession with the Theme Transcendence. Look at the explosion of interest in creatures with wings, butterflies, dragonflies, fairies- images of which are making their way in graphics, art, tattoos spirituality etc.....they are the same theme.

Then there are the stories of 2012, which speaks to the ascension of spirit, a release of our human bodies, and the focus on our true essence as spiritual beings.

On th heals of this trend comes another...the concept of Avatars and the virtual reality craze, which would be explored in the next post.

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