Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yesterday, the Pagan / Witch community observed Imbolc, a festival of candles, Brigit and the coming of the Sun. Newness and springtime, new life emerging all resonate with this festival.

I could not observe it. Why. Because there is no such cycle where I live. There is no "coming of spring." In a tropical island, birth happens all through the year. Warmth happens all through the year. Our time when the Earth awakens is closer to the Spring Equinox when all the trees and flowers begins to bloom.

Wicca teaches about following the Wheel of the Year. The Solstices and Equinoxes are marked by the relationship to the sun and moon. These are termed the minor Sabbatts. The major ones are the ones that happen midway between these. For me though. The Equinoxes and Solstices should be the major ones, because they are marked by heavenly events larger than our experience. They influence the entire universe by their positioning. Evidence of these can be seen in Nature, the tides, the plants, the very air seems to be teeming with energies respective of the cycle.

The minor ones, which are not marked by any celestial happening cannot possibly resonate for the person who cannot experience them. I do not feel an Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas...and I only feel Samhain because it is marked a bit here.........

For us on the island, we are in the midst of a creative outpouring as our festival time heats up, and soon we will all be tramping up and down the streets, following music truck in our lovely Pagan Festival called Carnival. Its the only time that this country comes alive, really alive, really showing what the life-blood of the island is about. Is that our Imbolc? Is that our awakening?

There is a concept called the Souvreignity of a land, where the energy and needs of the people dictate or direct what is needed for the land. For me feeding off the already existing energies, and learning the cycles that already exist is just as important to Magickal practice. Now imagine using those energies around you, and spellworking in the middle of a large party. Imagine using the energy to create excitement in your life. Imagine, magickally, what could happen if the thoughts emminating from all the masqueraders on the road (about 60,000 plus revelers)could be directed to a focal point for the energy (say banishing Crime)? The Magickal results would be amazing.

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