Sunday, January 31, 2010

Magickal Mind 2 - Changing your belief.

Spells, Runes, Tarot cards and the like are all interesting. But what captures my attention most is how the mind processes information when working magick. Actually, learning Magick really assists you in focusing, and learning how to differentiate between fact, and opinion. When you can analyze your thoughts to the point where you know which thoughts are fear based, and which thoughts are "truth for all people" your world really opens up as you realize that the possibilities for the individual are endless. The only thing we have to fear is..fear.

I can bring to mind many instances where I have believed in something, and haven't discussed it with anyone (to be silent) and the thing came to pass. However I noted that when I believe something is possible, and have to share that belief with someone who thinks it is not, then the probability of it happening diminishes.

The belief in something, is directly proportional to its manifestation. Also, there is a process which you can undertake to "change your beliefs." People have serious doubts that this is possible. The number one rule to remember is " Anything you can imagine can be made manifest." Keep that statement. Hold it, repeat it, remember it when things are not going your way.

Lets analyze how to change your belief. Write down your goal. Then honestly write down all the thoughts that come into your head, positive and negative; about your goal. All...everyone. The mind has a tendency to look at all aspects associated with the belief and labels every statement that matches as confirmation of the belief. Those that don't match are labelled "execptions to the rule." It never dawns on us that if exceptions exist, then the opposite of what we believe is also true.

The next thing you are going to do is to take every negative statement and find an example which makes the negative untrue. If you can find more than one statement, fact, or example, so much the better. Write down all those too. Then ask yourself. "If this is truth for these people, in theses instances, how can I make it truth for me?" Find ways in which the thing you want can come to pass. Use your imagination...."It can happen if........."

Lets take an example: Winning the lottery.
I like to use this because it resonates with so many people. We never believe that we could win the lotto. Yet people win every week. As a matter of fact there are 104 winners every year. A minimum of 104 million dollars are given away to Average Joe person every Trinidad and Tobago. Why do you believe that it can't happen to you? Work on changing those beliefs.

Now think about the goal again...have your beliefs in the possibility of its manifestation changed? If not, you need to go back to the thinking board and write down all the statements you have associated with the thing in the past. Look for the things that echo from your upbringing. "Money doesn't grow on trees." or the classic, "only people who do illegal things have that amount of money."
Follow this exercise with any goal working that you are doing. Declare waht you really want always, make steps to change your belief in the possibility. Know, that if your inner critic keeps coming up with every thought of what you want, then you really don't believe its possible.

When you state your goal......and there is nothing but a smile, and a "hell yeah, that would be cool!" from your inner voice; then you know you have indeed changed your belief.

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