Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emotional Residue

I remember an essay that I read which put forward that our experiences shape our conclusions, and not always in the correct direction of truth. We go through life, experiencing, interacting, becoming hurt, feeling joy; and sometimes, similar experiences create emotional triggers in our future experiences.

I am noting this, because as I go forward, I am experiencing what I consider triggers in my interaction with new people. I seem to analyze a situation in terms of what was experienced before, and how the individuals reacted or acted then- and in my new situation which may be similar to one from the past, I have the expectation that the same result will be played out even though the players are different.

To what degree can we "learn" from our experieneces? And to what degree shall we keep an open mind and just observe how things play out? It is important to note, especially in close relationships, that emotional residue left behind (baggage) by the interactions of the last relationship, can warp clear judgement in the new one. It is important to tune into every reaction carefully, every uneasy feeling, and really try to discern whether your conclusion is "truth" for this relationship- or whether your judgement is clouded by emotional residue.
If it is, I think they should be noted, and a banishing spell at the next dark moon is in order. It also helps to be aware that they may pop up again....but you can mentally flick that beastie thought back into the ether where it came from, and immediately forbid it to enter your mind.

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