Sunday, January 31, 2010

Emotional Pavlovs

The image shows Pavlov's experiment, where the scientist conditioned a dog to drool at the sound of a bell, just by associating the sound with the arrival of food.
I remember two statements which I read concerning our conditioned response to situations. One was that we choose to respond to the same situations in the same way, (Deepak Chopra) and that our responses to situations have been conditioned into us by the expectations of society (google noospheric operating system).

If you step back from your life for a while, and look for cycles which you keep going through, you would realize that there are certain situation which you respond to the same way all the time. Ask this how I really want to react? Or am I reacting the way I was taught to react? What would happen if I reacted the opposite way, or a different way?

Having had the realization from my last blog that emotional residue is a real thing which can cloud your judgement, I begin to question if what is in my mind is really mine. Or am I just a bundle of programmed responses to situations?
What really fills me with passion? Do I even know? Or have I been taught what should fill me with passion because of someone elses passions? Most interesting thoughts for a woman who, at this late stage in her life is really trying to find herself.

What is me? No...not who am I. I know who I issue here is ; is who I am really me? which parts of my programming are me, and which parts need to be let go completely? This calls for meditation, quiet, and lots of reflection.

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