Thursday, December 24, 2009

Magickal Ethics

To begin with, please understand that my ethics are mine, and not meant to be preached to anyone.
But this, my blog, is sometimes the place where I work out knots of my mind.
I was thinking the other day obout FREE WILL.
We have been granted Free Will, and hopefully have learnt and understood the responsibility that comes with it. To quote Spiderman "With great power comes great responsibility."

We have learnt the power to magickally ask for assistance from sentient beings which do not exist on our manifest plane, whatever level they may be. But in summoning these beings, aren't we interfering with their Free Will?

And what about creating a being using archetypical energies? Can these energies in their raw form essence be termed "Sentient Beings" and are they entitled to free will?

What about conciousness on a quantum level? Does each individual particle, as all seem to exibit conciousness at some level, have a right to free will?

My magickal work focuses on me. I do ritual to change my vibrations to attract my desires. I ask for no manipulation of any thing, and of course, my request is done with the condition "and it harm none."
It requires a constant analysis of your direction toward your goal. It also requires a constant anaylisi of everything you think, discuss and it assisting your goal? It is indeed a very difficult exersice.

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