Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Pentacle and Magick- Pt 2 – Thought Process in the Magickal Mind

I have already explained the Pentacle and the symbols of the circle, the pentagram and the meaning of each of the five points. Lets take a look at how each of these points relate to the process of a Magickal working.

In order to manifest anything at all Magickally, the spell worker must carry the intention through a particular process. Focusing on each part of the process in extremely important, and the end result of each process is also important, as any deviation from that focus will result in scattered energies. Please keep in mind that the meanings behind the symbols Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth mentioned in this essay are not that only symbols that pertain to these elements and are taken in the context of the topic being discussed- which is the process of thinking the Magick.

First of all, what is the Spirit behind your spell working? Is it for improvement of yourself? Is it strictly for pleasure? Either way is okay as long as it interfears with no one else's Will, and harms no one. Remember, even though the intention is good, lets say to work a healing spell; you need to get permission from the one who you are working the spell for. Even positive spell working, without permission is seen as interfering with the Will of another, and this is not allowed in Magick. Remember always the Law of Three, and any attempts to decide what anyone else should want for themselves, will result in the same exercise in control being exhibited on you, three times over. Whatever your goal, please always attempt to construct the ritual in a way that only you are affected, with the back up phrase “ And it harm none so mote it be.” Even if you are in danger, or are trying to remove a person from your life, it is safer to do a protective spell, or an invisibility spell on yourself, than work any spell on the other person. (Invisibility spells do not render you invisible, you just would find the other person not being able to meet up with you through circumstances beyond their control)

More about the Spirit of your mind in a later blog. There are many layers to this thing.

Second, we must look at AIR. Air is the process where you have identified a problem to be solved or a goal to work on, and you sit and think of ways to achieve your aims. Air is the thinking, analyzing part of the situation. What would solve the problem? Which Path can I take? What ritual can I do? Air is where you being to work out the elements of the spell. What focus should I use? Planetary Magick? Elemental Magick? Herbs? A ritual? You must know what your mind responds to. You must know if the result you wish to accomplish is believable to you. If it is not, then you can take steps to change your belief in order to have a successful outcome. By this I can give the example of an individual applying for a position that he sees as his dream job. If there is any doubt in his mind or any insecurity, that the job is not for him, no amount of spell working will create an alternative outcome. He has already decided that it is not for him.....the fate of the spell is sealed. What ever type of Magick is used must reinforce the idea of the goal being a possibility. Air is the thinking out of what we will do to accomplish the goal.

Third we come to FIRE. Fire is the passion we put into the work, because we really want to see it come to be. How many times have we been given a task for which we have no passion, and have given it our half-baked attention, or procrastinated several times. Air can sound great, ideas can be great- but if there is no passion behind it, the chances that it would go beyond the Air stage are almost nil.
Pay attention to the work done in the Air process. At some point, while you are tossing solutions back and forth in your mind (IE, the method of spell working to be used) you may have what Oprah call an “Ah HA” moment, or the elated feeling of excitement that this is the direction you should take. And you will be quite right. This is your inner child telling you that that solution would be fun. That is your subconscious telling you that it can believe that that solution would create the outcome. That is the two-fold aspect of FIRE which you have to be aware of.

For the stage which represents WATER, our emotions are the key here. At that point in Fire, where the belief is reinforced as a greater possibility, we will usually get a flood of emotions imagining ourselves at the point of manifestation, (IE imagining ourselves in the new car, or getting the job offer) The emotions which we have at that point are key. Are they positive? Are they negative? Do they begin as positive and then become tinged with doubt? In this stage, manifestation of the thing is most probable in the instance where there is no doubt of its possibility. If there is any doubt entering your mind, then you need to address that doubt, again by finding ways to change your belief about it, and begin anew with another spell.

EARTH, is the manifestation of the thing we worked for. It is the realization that, through seemingly magickal efforts, the thing we worked a spell for has come to pass in a way that is unexpected. There is much to caution the Magick worker in the interim between Water and Earth, but again that will be dealt with in another post. Understand that Magick and Nature are one, and the way the thing becomes manifested, will be in keeping with the Laws of Nature. Its not going to pop out of the sky people, but it will appear. One example I can put my head on a block for is something I have wished for, and done such a simple spell for that it almost seemed like no spell at all.
There was an incense burner which I saw on line that I loved. I wished for it. I chanted a rhyme which asked the Goddess to add that to my cache of magickal tools. I had really forgotten about the thing when it shows up via the most unusual channel of a very Catholic family member giving one to me because she had no use for it. Someone had given it to her as a gift, and she had no clue how to use it.
Remember always, on the receipt of the thing you worked the spell for, always thank the Goddess, or God or Deity that you called on for assistance. Better still, thank the gods anyway- because you could be like me and forget that you worked the spell.....only to remember it a few days after receiving the thing.

This takes us back to where? Spirit of course! Because after the thing that you have wished for and spell worked for becomes manifest; you experience a buoyancy of Spirit and on some level, your spiritual connection to the All has been increased if only for a moment. But once the experience has been had, the chances of you believing that you can work a successful spell will increase the second time around.

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