Friday, October 9, 2009

The Pentacle- and Magick - Part 1

The pentacle, a five pointed star within a circle, represents among other things, the five elements of Nature, surrounded by and existing in a never ending circle of creation. The circle represents the unending, ever cycling nature of the existence we live in. Nothing is ever destroyed, just becomes something else. If you did physics you may remember that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but undergoes a transformation into a different state.

The Five points from the top clockwise are Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Spirit marks the beginning. We begin as a Spiritual being, ideas begin on the spiritual plane.

Air represents thoughts, ideas, consciousness and things to do with the mind. All that is intellectual, logical, communicative, expressive and abstract. Air has active masculine and changeable characteristics.

Fire, the third point, is passion, will, and desire. All that is dynamic, energetic, vitalizing, invigorating, spontaneous, and initiating. Fire contains trans formative energies, is unpredictable and regenerating. Fire has active masculine properties.

Our fourth point from the top represents Water. Water symbolizes all that is receptive, sustaining, fluidic, the subconscious, hidden, mysterious and generative. It represents emotions, and is passive and feminine.

The last point on the pentacle is Earth. Earth is the manifested property of our existence. This energy is grounding, slow moving, stable, materializing. All activities of fertility and growth are attributed to Earth, and well as material abundance. Earth also has passive and feminine qualities.

The pentacle, a symbol of protection represents all the properties of existence ruled by spirit. In wearing the pentacle or adopting it as a personal symbol, you make the claim that all the properties which make up YOUR existence; are ruled by YOUR spirit. You acknowledge that there is a greater ALL, which we are connected to, but your Spirit is a gift, meant to executed some purpose for the good of the ALL.....which is why you are here.

AS we travel along the outer circle of the pentacle, the points also give us guidelines for Magick, and how to move something from the astral level of spirit, bringing it out to its physical existence, guiding it through its elemental stages. More about that later in another post.

By occult teachings, anything that we can imagine already exists in spirit, and can be made to exist in reality. Some occultists go as far to say that anything you need or want, is already yours by way of attracting the energy toward you by mere thought (air), the only things keeping it from manifesting is our ability to carry it through to the other elemental stages (fire -belief that it is mine etc)
Again, more will be discussed in another post.

Blessed be guys, blessed be.

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