Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Obsessive Tendencies

Tree of Obsessions - by Cinzia Bacilieri

So I have a tendency to obsess on an issue. Its absolutley ridiculous actually that I feel like I want to slap myself. I would begin just to try to analyze a topic, and then it would grow in my mind to a huge big deal.

For any Magick worker, this is a worry. I must try not to obsess, as it prevents me from looking at the wider picture, and then I cannot get into my zone.

For the past two weeks I have noticed that I have had difficulty connecting with the Goddess. I worry constantly if the decisions I make are correct, because I let pre- programmed paradigms poke fun at my decisions. They are like a pack of Demons constantly punishing me for choosing a different direction.

I wonder if I would ever rid myself of these mental programmes which were input into my brain from a child. How come I could recognised their limitations, and still be worried by them, and still have to go over them, kick them around and crunch the little buggers under me feet.

Yet, they pop up again like the annoying bastards that they are........ maybe if I create a mental Trash Bin and throw them in there for 5 points, I could make a game out of getting rid of these limiting paradigms. Hmmmm my inner child would love that...LOL

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