Monday, September 21, 2009

Raindrops on Skin

There are some people that you notice sometimes move in similar experiences to yours. One of my "Sisters in Creation" and I occasionally have similar experiences which I marvel at. To me, our lives cannot be more different, but our cycles sometimes cross at points, or don't cross.

Recently, I had an experience getting to know a new guy. He had invited me to an outdoor party or Fete as we call it here, and it began to rain. In true island style, out comes the umbrellas for this fete and the party continued. Our group did not have an umbrella and we happily partied in the rain. At one point, my guy attempted to brush the raindrops from my arm, and time just froze. While at that point my mind was not clear what I felt about him.....the touch made it all too clear. The electrical zap that I got from his touch was hypnotic, and as he casually brushed the wetness from my arm, every skin cell reacted to his touch, sending a vibrating pulse along the rest of my body.

and then Elspeth posts this the connection.

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