Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Gathering

Great epic stories always tell of a period in time where a gathering of people and minds take place to push the world to a new direction.
On an astral level, I feel this is happening. I feel the shifts in the ether. On the physical level, I see it happening around me. I am watching, and being a part of several people; who ; in some way or the other; have all been lonely.
I am watching as these individuals who were yearning for the sharing of themselves in more meaningfull ways, are coming together slowly; and building relationships with like-minded people.
What this group will become I am not able to foresee. All I can say is that I feel the bonds strengthening and pulling closer, and this group would be very significant in my life, and there is the possibility of the strongest influence coming from three particular people in this group.
It is too early to tell.....and my heart is not free to decide as yet; but I feel there is potential for an extremely deep connection with one......and as I write this, I can feel the fear in me indicating that I am not ready to deepen that as yet.

What will be, will be...........there is time yet.................and only the Goddess will make that decision.

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