Sunday, July 19, 2009

ENERGY ALERT- Solar Eclipse

The energies from a solar eclipse are very potent. I hope the following describes the energies:

1) Imgine the sensation of inhaling all you can and holding...and that point where you first exhale, the energies are released.
2) Imagine watching a wave gather, the time when it crests.....
Can you imagine a feel the energies. There is a pause...just a small moment when all cycles have ended...and here comes the new time.
All soloar Eclipses come with a New Moon (so I have learnt) and spellwork that is done for a new moon is extremely potent here. Gear up for something big. What new development would you like to have? What new cylce is beginning.
For my part I am at a HUGE transition in my life... I am fluctuating between cycles in career, family and love. There has been a huge shift in my life emphasizing new beginnings, and major changes to come. So I will be up at 5am (my time) which is about the time that the energies will touch down in the Earth somewhere in India.........
For more info to assist you in creating a ritual for this can use the same correspondences as AIR..........

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