Sunday, June 7, 2009

Selene- Goddess of the Moon

Some time back when preping my plant familiar, intuition made me refer to her as Selene.
My familiar's spirit would leave the plant during my spell, travel throught the ether to do my work, and return to the basil plant on my porch.
One day...a guilt trip came over me. I suddenly felt the need to release the spirit, and I let Selene off on her own.
A few weeks ago, while out on the porch looking out in the night, a thought popped into my head..."Selene, show me a sign." Then, in the little grove at the center of the neighbourhood, out flies a huge bird, odd; as it was nighttime. It was either and owl, or a hawk.
Both birds have similar meanings, a guide, teacher, or wise one to show you the way.
I have yet to meet the wise one, I know that I am sometimes closed to others spiritually guiding me. The Wise One, may be Selene herself.
I have found that my thoughts are on the goddess archetypes these days, and I have begun study of them. May I be open to a wise one....if there is one around.

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