Monday, June 22, 2009

Garlic and Lime Tea for sniffles and Sore Throat

I had a sore throat coming on, plus fears of swine flu with sniffles added. I've been reading about the curative effects of garlic for colds, and lime as well. So I blended this tea, and found an almost instant soothing of my throat which lasted until the next day. Had another dose last night as the itchy throat was returning, but was okay well into the next day. Its 3:00pm and I feel okay. The sore throat has gone, only a slight sniffle remains. The taste takes getting used to but if you like garlic that shouldn't be a problem.

I actually buy a bag of fresh garlic (about 5 heads) occasionally, and blend the whole batch. It keeps in the fridge for about two weeks, and so easy to scoop out what you need. I do not like buying crushed garlic in the supermarket, because there are always other things in there.

1 tsp Garlic which has been crushed and blended
half a small lime
Two teaspoons sugar
Hot water to fill your cup.
Blend all together and stir widershins, imagining the healing powers getting stronger. Further visualize the germs shriveling to a pulp when you drink it. Enjoy !
Remember, if symptoms persist for more than two days, see a doctor!

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the eternal list said...

sounds like a tasty recipe

love your blog, love the wiccan religion