Thursday, May 14, 2009


Found this picture on this website below.
One of those times where I wonder what's the point. Whats the point of blogging when no one reads them. Why pour my heart out when no one hears. Why analyze this unsatisfied feeling in my heart when I will return to it anyway? Why love, when you will only get hurt? Why paint when they sit and collect dust. Why rant anyway, when it does nothing to improve my feelings.
You know what? The world is a shitty place, and I would be glad when its all over.
And whats the point of thinking this way...when the other side of life could be worse....

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frometomi said...

Cause sometimes you need to hear your own voice in the dark. Just for comfort.

And I'm happy to come across your blog and read about being Wiccan in Trinibagonian society.