Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mental blocks

I am too psychicly open, if there is such a thing. I practically bounce off the metal limitations people put on the world here. Yeaterday, a gentleman came into the office where I work, a sort of chiropactor/ new age massage therapist. You should have seen the crowd around him...like to guy was giving out money. Anyways people came away from him after having their back "cracked" swearing it was the best thing ever. One woman wondered how to keep it feeling this way. I suggested Yoga. Immediately the walls sprang up " Nah..I hear dat does bring spirits into yuh body." I wanted to comment,"That's a Catholic conspiracy." but I kept my mouth shut. Yes it brings spirits. Spirits of Peace, Spirits of alignment etc.......... good spirits.... spirits that will keep your energies flowing.

Of course the conversation ended there. There is no use arguing with people, since any spiritaul investigation on their part will lead them to "Spirits"

I wonder what will happen if I told them that you can catch a "spirit" just by shaking someones hand, or standing too close to someone. Everyone must have felt the power of Laughter...of sadness. There are more subtle ones which people don't realize like hope, encouragement, suggestion etc......they are just as catching.

I, though will rather face and feel than hide in fear............after all, I am Master of my Soul.

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