Friday, January 23, 2009

Crafting a BOS

These Books of Shadows are absolutely beautiful. I would rather love one for myself. I was checking around the craft stores the other day for little trinkets that would fit into a Book of Shadows for me. I loved the Green and Blue metallic Leatherette at Samaroo's, and began to envision an embossed metallic Dragon on my cover. Haven't bought it yet.

It got me thinking? How come our Carnival crafts have not trickled down into our everyday creativity. I mean, enough with the bikini and beads, but can we flourish
our homes, everyday things with the same creativity that you find at Carnival.

Why do we box in everything? ... Carnival should be this! Homes should be this! People should behave like this! Worship like this!
Maybe one night I shall drag my Altar and Candles into the little park in our neighbourhood, light a witchy bonfire and shock the be-bumbums out of the neighbours........
Who will probably call the police.... or leave a little note on my gate about worshipping eveil spirits. I know for sure that all the Jehovah Witnesses will find themselves at my door!
He he he..... definately will put the pentacle on the front door now..... "Come get me my pretties!"

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life Before Her Eyes said...

Those are really creative. Have you seen the custom made grimoires from Brahms? They're ridiculous

You know this is another thing that got me thinking. It's a fact Carnival has Pagan roots, way back from its beginnings in Europe before it got imported here to the Caribbean. But it's no longer seen as a pagan festival that celebrates the fertility, fecundity & vitality of life and the Baccanalia, its rather secular and more focused on business, sex, money, alcohol, etc. It's god is commercialism. Maybe this is why we don't have more creativity in our society, unlike the socities of old that had their carnivals and baccanalias and saturnalias etc. Their lives were permeated by the beiefs behind these fests...I dunno maybe I'm sound far fetched but you get my meaning? These were the socities that created the Virgil-s, the Homers, the Hesoids, the Praxiteles....:D The sacred & the profane were united! Our carnival is divorced of the sacred its just a secular show of flesh.