Saturday, December 27, 2008

Staying in the Broom Closet- for good

Yes I blog anonamously. For good reason. This country is the first to leagaaly recognize the African Based religion called Orisha. Other wise known as the Shouter Baptiste Religion, its practitioners had been fighting for years to have the law against practicing repealed. It eventualy did, and now we even have a public holiday for the group.

So on the books its legal, but its still okay to throw out a tenant from your property on the basis of religion......
happened to a friend of a friend. Also, another artist friend of mine put up an art piece flag display in a public space, and it was destroyed several times, each time she put it up again. Come on, you think I could convince these people that what I practice isn't evil....they are still debating whether to pass the Gender Equality act! I don't want to get kicked out of my apartment, or have my work thrown out of a public space.... I shall stay in the closet where it is safe and warm and cosy. Me and the broom bristles have a good thing going...and we are happy with our arrangement.

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