About Celtic Crystal

Years back I stumbled upon a part of me that lay dormant for all my life. I had long felt a sense of something coming...but what the something was I knew not. But in the unfolding of myself I realized the something was the other parts of me that resides in my psyche, like the individual colours that make up a rainbow. In the synthesis of my-selves I found my SELF.

Had I found the Elixir of Life? Had I created my Philosopher's Stone. That question will never be answered to the public. I do know, that my direction is clearer than before.

The world has many faces. The person plays many roles. Nothing is left or right, dark or light but perception. The thing itself can be beautiful if you choose to make it so in your mind. The boundaries set by you are your trap from experiencing the world in its sparkling splendour.

So I seek to find my Pegasus, and transcend worldly chains that trap my mind thus.
Blessed Be.