Thursday, May 11, 2017

Crone Alone

Alone, but not lonely

When I was younger and just beginning my journey into the craft, I was anxious and delighted to find like minded people who I could share and chat with. Slowly though, I began to get turned off by most of them as I realized that the Craft was seen as something of a power that they can wield to control people around them.

This is not a moral lecture, this is a code I wish to live by. The thought of ANYONE who wishes to control ANYONE just turns me off completely! I look at it this way, I HATE when anyone attempts to control me, through whatever channel, and I live by the code " Do unto Others only as you would have done unto you."  As biblical as that sounds....I can't fathom living with myself intentionally hurting anyone physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and I try to live by that. Except in the case of self-defense of course, or defending loved ones.

I try to imagine this world. We are spirits in meat sacks, and I hope dearly that I shall be re-incarnated into another meat sack knowing what I know here now. Because I really hope that I can be of some further use to the humans on this planet over and over again. I would prefer to help than move on.

These days though, I prefer to be alone. I don't know HOW I am going to help by living alone. But the focus and direction of most people just gives me pause.
Please note that I am not professing to be enlightened, or better than them. They like to live in blue, I like to live in green. I do not know or care which one is the "righter" colour, I just know that my thoughts about the issue of non controlling, even through magick, even in the afterlife are what I think is right. I cannot imagine coloring my spirit with chains of individuals tied to my existence, who are affected by my wishes. I am certain that creating that link, will mean that in some way, their wishes would affect my life as well.

Use your power to grow yourself and strengthen yourself. A strong you does not need to control anyone. Strengthen your will, make your inner self stronger. Its not about power over people, but about Self-Mastery.

Blessed Be.


Kore said...

Hi! We haven't interacted for awhile...I'm in my 30's now but I always felt off with "The crowd", I've been a solitary creature finding bits and pieces of likeness and love in others. I'm still struggling with the loneliness and the desire for companionship in varying forms and trying to break free from the controlling ideals of family, work and bullshit. It's lame and boring to say but I REALLY hope all is well with you otherwise!

Samantha Rochard said...

Now seeing this.... Hello