Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Where I am now....and the meaning of life.

Spirit Flight
I leapt.
I took the plunge
Three months later I am a full time artist.
I am at peace, enjoying every every day and waking up to the next adventure all the time. Living your passion really makes all the difference in the world. You truly feel like you are living.

Yes...that is one of my paintings.

A friend and I were recently contemplating the Meaning of Life. You know....THAT question. I believe we will all have a different answer to that question. Life means different things to different people.
Same friend pointed out an article in brainpicking.org which discusses Tolstoy's view on life. His conclusion...after a couple years of deliberating and looking at the question again and again.....was that it was difficult to grasp the meaning of something infinite, when viewing it in finite terms.

Humans cannot fathom the infinite nature of LIFE in itself.....the existence of all that IS......especially when viewing it from a fullstop-in-time lifespan of the human being. We can only see meaning from our limited perspective. I believe we decide for ourselves what that meaning is.

I do not think there is a meaning. LIFE just is........
LIFE IS........

We are in it for the journey......and I think we had better stop holding on to the temporary, and look at the bigger picture.
LIFE...in my current manifestation, can only be meant to be experienced and enjoyed.  Keep and open mind and let it carry you where you would be happiest. Once you have made that decision, and felt that happiness, its impossible to accept anything less.

What do you think is the Meaning Of LIFE? I would love to hear some of your responses.

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