Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time to shine


It took so long to be finally living the dream of being a full time artist. Work is finally selling at a rate where I can pay my bills. I am very very grateful to the universe that things are where they are now.
There are days where happiness and contentment flood through my spirit and leave me with such an incredibly buoyant feeling.

Stay tuned to this blog for more artwork to be posted soon.

My spiritual journey so far has been very erattic. I have no label for what I practice....if I actually practice anything at all anymore.

My biggest Spiritual practice seems to be a lot of thinking and developing a lot of patience.

....and being silent.......sharing nothing of my goals with anyone, save one friend. I have recognized that NO negative thought can creep into my head about any of my plans. The smallest doubt can snowball and eat away at my will.

I have decided it time to shine!
Me....gonna work really hard to expose the work that I do and hope that I can shine my light through it.

Blessed Be.......

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