Thursday, October 31, 2013

Samhain Thoughts

Dance! Dance! ..... the wheel has made yet another we end and begin again. Blessed be to all who read this post and re-commit to the Ways of the Craft, the ways of old, as old as mankind themselves.

Those who walk this journey understand the cycle. Those who follow the Moon Tradition and seek her blessings monthly, attempting to tune their energies to their surroundings....for harmony....always harmony...Blessings to you, your ancestors and all who helped you reach to this point.

We remember the cycle. That never ending process of creation, transformation, endings that bring beginnings. We understand that every death nourishes life. Like the dead in the ground that cause the plants to flourish, and are consumed by beings, who are ultimately nourished by the bring life......transforming what once was into life yet again.

The Cycle keeps going, the wheel keeps turning. You are a compilation of all that was before you, all who have died
to nourish your living body. Give thanks, and bless all that cross your path.

Blessed Samhain. :)

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Unknown said...

This is a beautiful artwork, the one you've labelled Skyclad. Where does it come from?