Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quantum Infinity

Every so often all the information that runs in and out of my mind will combine into an idea, or and image. (In case you did not know, I paint as well)

Recently I had the opportunity to see images from the Hubble Telescope which extended far out beyond where our eyes can see from the Earth. As the camera took us deeper and deeper into space, the vastness of what we conceived as “Space” really boggled my mind. Watching each speck move past, and learning that these were not stars, not planets or solar systems, but galaxies! Each speck holding millions of stars and worlds itself!

Now mix that in your head with a picture, comparing the sizes of the star ANTARES, with other stars and our sun, of which our sun is barely seen- Jupiter is invisible at that ratio….and well Earth would be near microscopic!

Now add a dash of Quantum theory, where we are observing quantum particles which are affected by the observer, with our consciousness having an effect on the physical reality of the quantum particle.

Then….like a slap to my insight….Earth being invisible in relation to Antares got me thinking……if we are observing quantum particles and our ability to effect change on them, who’s to say that we (Earth really) is not a quantum particle in relation to some other “Being”, whose consciousness has an effect on our existence. Gods you say? All well and good, but those “gods” can be quantum particles to another being larger than they….and so upward…or inward; depending on how you look at it? As above, so below comes to mind.

Horton hears a Who seemed to illustrate this beautifully. Very amazing if you think about the possibilities!

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